8 Dumbest Myths about the Online Lottery

8 Dumbest Myths about the Online Lottery

Before I started to play the lottery online, I had a thing or two about it that made me reluctant to give it a try. However, I did my own research, and, as you expect, I the myths were debunked. Even to this day, I still hear of stupid lottery myths that are not even remotely true. To be honest, I was suspicious of few of  these, but I checked them, and I applied some common sense. In the end, this is a list of the dumbest myths about the online lottery. Brace yourselves, there are some pretty stupid things people  think the online lottery is.

All Online Lotteries Are Rigged – A Common Player Can’t Win

Boy, oh boy, this is my personal favorite. We live in the 21st century, and people still think that the lottery is rigged, even the online lottery! Sure, many people are suspicious of the fairness and the reliability because they don’t get the ticket printed out and they don’t buy it in their local shop. Online lotteries are also subject to regulation, audits, random checks and they file reports to the local/national authorities. There’s basically no way a lottery to be rigged if it’s given permission to operate online.

Yes, if you’re playing an unlicensed, unregulated lottery, there’s a chance you won’t ever win any prize. But this one’s on you. It’s not somebody’s fault, it’s your fault!

You can win, I can win, some random lottery player can win. It’s the same as if you’ve bought the ticket from the local retail shop. You get the same odds of winning. Online lotteries are not rigged.

You Can Only Win the Online Lottery if You Buy Thousands of Lottery Tickets

So you know how the lottery works. You also know that many players play the lottery conventionally and online. I’m going to reflect on the lotteries that are available online only. Why? Because the myth about buying thousands of tickets playing the lottery conventionally is already debunked. And there still are players who discriminate against online lottery. So, this one’s for you.

No, you do not need to buy thousands of online lottery tickets to win it. Chances are, you’ll be in the race for the jackpot with some fella from another continent, but you still have the same odds of winning. You just need to buy one ticket, the winning one. How many tickets have you bought so far? How many tickets did you have to buy before you won the lottery? See, you should ask these people these questions and they’ll be triggered. In my opinion, playing the lottery online is way better than the conventional because of many reasons which I’ve said many times before.

Online Lotteries are Fake – Nobody Wins the Prizes

I’m not going into details, because I already covered this area with the first myth. I already said how operators have to provide reports and their draws are subject to thorough regulations. Usually, even a representative has to be present from the respective regulator. If the lottery is licensed, and you have the winning numbers, you will get your prize. The thing is, the email you receive is legal proof. Yes, you can actually take it to court. If the operator does not pay you out, the license is revoked. I’m pretty sure the operator does not want to lose its license.

This is a fundamental myth. I totally understand people, and I like that they’re questioning everything. After all, this is how new legislations are passed and new control mechanisms are introduced. Hooray for safety and fairness!

You Can Hack Your Way to the Online Lottery Jackpot

Because there’s a word ONLINE, people associate the lottery with the internet and everything that’s even remotely to the internet. One of which, is hacking. There are people who claim that anybody can hack their way into the system and have an impact on the winning numbers. Another way they claim it’s possible, is that you can produce the winning ticket once the draw is completed. I’m going to be clear and brief. This is not possible!

Online lottery operators use the latest security protocols. All of them have SSL encryption in place. This protects both your personal and banking information. However, it also protects the operations of the lottery operator, including the draw itself. Some of the lottery operators have the security banks use nowadays. I think that’s pretty much enough as far as safety and security go. Nothing goes in and out without being encrypted. Believe me when I say, online lottery is legit.

Even Legit Online Lotteries Can Steal Your Personal and Banking Information

Not true. As Donald Trump likes to say it, Fake News. What would a lottery operator do with this information? Why bother? The license is put on the line. The penalties for personal identity theft, banking details and whatnot are draconical. I can’t imagine a reasonable person who has a steady income job, that’s well paid, to go and abuse your personal information and your banking information, including your credit card.

There are lottery operators who have implemented heightened security measures. These measures connect you to the bank directly. They don’t even have your credit card number. And we all can trust the banks, right?

Playing the Lottery Online Leads to Irresponsible Spending

Lottery players claim that the online lottery leads to irresponsible gaming, or spending, call it whatever you like. Because people are given the opportunity to buy lottery tickets anywhere and anytime, this can apparently lead to uncontrolled spending. This is so not true, because of a few reasons.

For starters, players are allowed to set their own limits, in case they get carried away. However, I’m an advocate of the following. A person who wants to buy more lottery tickets, will buy more lottery tickets, regardless of how you buy these lottery tickets. You can go into your local retail shop and buy a hundred tickets. You can also go online and buy one hundred tickets. Even if you set limits, you can still go to a different online lottery retailer and buy more tickets. It goes both ways. It all comes down to personal preferences, personal budgets and personal wants and needs.

You can’t say somebody is a compulsive lottery player because that person is playing the lottery online. You have no insight how much is a lottery player spending, how much the player is winning, etc.

Unlike Conventional Lottery, Online Lottery Benefits the Winners Only

Not so long ago, I said that the lottery does not benefit the winners only. There are people who work for the operator, who get paid for their service. The lottery operator pays for advertising, pays to local retail shops, they pay the bank for transactions and much more. As you can see, they operate like a regular business, but they also pay huge taxes to the authorities, which are then re-invested in your communities. Many projects are funded by lottery generated revenues.

However, people state that the online lottery is nothing like this. Well, I’m going to be blunt. This is not true! Even online lotteries operate like regular businesses. They also pay for advertising, they pay to partnered online retailers and they also have hundreds of employees. Nonetheless, these employees might not be located in your area. But, let’s view it differently. Even the players are not located in your area. It kind of sets a balance from this standpoint.

Online lotteries are also responsible to pay the hefty tax bill to the government. As such, this myth is also not true. As a lottery player, you are doing a benevolent thing, yet you can still become rich, filthy rich.

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