7 Smart Ways to Deal with Lottery Scams By Lotto Exposed Experts

7 Smart Ways to Deal with Lottery Scams By Lotto Exposed Experts

7 Smart Ways to Deal with Lottery Scams

We’ve heard many people giving speeches about how to avoid lottery scams; they’d be all cool and flimsy because apparently, they’re ‘too smart’ to ever fall for lottery scams. Wonder what made them give speeches in the first place. They obviously researched a lot, learned a lot and maybe even fell for a couple of lottery scams themselves to realize how it all works.

A lot of people have fallen for lottery scams, and I could go on, but the list gets bigger and bigger. Now the one thing people will always advice is to stay away from scams, to be watchful, to forget about it and be careful next time, to delete emails immediately, not to download any attachments, etc., etc., but how many of them tell you how to track the scammers? Well, here’s an article that you won’t regret reading, because it’s all about tracking with balls of steel.

Deal with Lottery Scams

Alright, fasten up because it’s time to nail those scammers with everything you’ve got. Wait, have you got everything you need? Here’s what you need to get your scammer revenge up and running to your benefit.

#1 Gather Information

Okay to start with, what do you know about the scammer? Do you know their full name, email address, some ID? You might be thinking, “If I knew the full name and address, why would I need to read an article about nailing them?” Well, that’s true to some extent, but nobody scams with real personal identification! Moving on, have you ever spoken to them on MSN, AIM or any other messenger? If yes, you must keep your chat logs and any other information on a text file.

#2 Search for More Information

You might or might not have the real information of the scammer, but don’t worry. Who does the scammer identify himself or herself as? Take that name and Google in this format “[NAME] scam” or “[NAME] fraud” or “[NAME] complaints”… Have you tried searching for their alias and screen names? You might come across other people who have successfully identified the scammer if not, don’t worry there are other ways too.

#3 Scan the Name Online

Assuming you have not seen other people complaining about the scam, go to WhitePages.com and type the name of the scammer (the same one they identified themselves with). Hopefully, you might find a phone number that you can use to verify the information, Or contact the Admin and request the user’s IP Address because they have scammed you and you need to contact their ISP. If you get the IP address go to ip-lookup.net and look for some contact number to call the scammer.

#4 Scan Forums

Assuming you have their alias or screen name, search for that on popular forums information about the lottery agents, Lottery Post, and Lotto Exposed can be helpful. Read everything about the seller.

#5 Contacting the Scammer for Refunds

Remember, this isn’t only about calling a scammer; it’s about getting your refund too. So you need to be patient, strong and convincing at the same time. It’s time to threaten the scammer for a refund. You can show them all the information you have against them and tell them that if they don’t cooperate, you will report them on websites like Lotto Exposed and write a negative review about the service and take them to an attorney. This is usually enough to get them thinking about how wrong they were to mess with you.

#6 If Everything Above Fails, Track the Email

You might have received an email from the scammer asking you to verify your details by clicking on some site. Take a close look at the link, what does it say? Is it legal? For instance, an email from the Bank of America will look like the following:

[designation]@bankofamerica.com not [designation]@xxxbankofamerica.com

What you’ve got to do now is take the xxx before the legal company name and Google it to see what it comes up with. If you do find a site, look at the “whois” (whois.domaintools.com) for more information about the site. Specifically, look for the hosting site. When you get the hosting site details, send them an email telling them about the scam and requesting them to provide you with the person’s real information. Now go to whatsmyipaddress.com and click on “Hostname to IP.” Type in the name of the website and click “Lookup IP Address” – you will get the IP Address associated with the scammer.

Now copy that IP address you see and go back to the main page of whatsmyipaddress.com and look up for the IP address. You will then find the hostname, their ISP provider, the geographical address in case you want to pay the scammer a ‘nice’ visit.

#7 If Everything Fails…

If the above doesn’t work out File a complaint at Lotto Exposed and at the CFTC to make sure others will be saved from such acts in the future.

Learn from your mistakes and make sure not to fall for the lottery scam trap again.

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