7 Most Expensive Things Bought by Lottery Winners

7 Most Expensive Things Bought by Lottery Winners

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What will you do if you win the lottery? What’s the first thing you’ll buy? A house? A car? A tropical island? Lottery winners have done some pretty crazy things over the years. People that suddenly find themselves in possession of millions have the tendency to buy some insane things. Without further ado, here are some of the most expensive, luxurious, and even unorthodox things that lottery winners from across the world have purchased.


Living in a luxurious mansion is a dream for many people. Lottery winners can easily make this dream come true. In fact, most of the people that became millionaires after winning the lottery went ahead and purchased really expensive properties.

Britain’s biggest lottery winner is probably one of the people that acquired the most expensive and luxurious mansion of them all.

Colin Weir and his wife Christine won 161 million pounds from EuroMillions in 2011. The couple decided that they wanted to get a more exquisite home. They spent nearly three million pounds on a Scottish mansion and everything inside of it. Colin and Christine made the decision after viewing the property for 10 minutes.

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Another EuroMillions winner did something similar. Neil Trotter became 108 million pounds richer in the spring of 2015. The former car mechanic quickly decided to switch his humble home for something a bit more suitable for a millionaire. He bought a five-million-pound mansion with eight bedrooms, antique fireplaces, a private lake, 400 acres of land, and a separate three-bedroom oast house.

Plastic Surgery

Several ladies that won the lottery used the money to do body enhancements. One of the most common procedures among lottery winners is… you’ve probably guessed it already… breast augmentation!

Callie Rogers from the UK is just one example of a girl that used the money to make her boobs bigger. Callie was only 16 when she won 1.9 million pounds from the UK lottery. As a result, she had not one, but two breast enlargement surgeries. In the UK, the average cost of implants can reach 5,000 pounds, which makes the sum Callie spent on her body 10,000 pounds (14,420 US dollars).

On top of giving herself a bigger chest, Callie also spent money on drugs and luxury cars. Because of these unwise decisions, the young lottery winner was soon completely broke.

Airplanes and Aircraft

Why limit yourself to luxury cars when you can get yourself an airplane?

William “Bud” Post won 16.2 million dollars from Pennsylvania’s state lottery in 1998. At the time, he had less than three dollars in his checking account.

After becoming a millionaire, Post did get started with luxury vehicles for himself and his siblings. He also got a mansion, two homes, motorcycles, a truck, and a boat. Obviously, however, Post didn’t consider these purchases to be sufficient.

To top it all off, Post bought himself an airplane that he couldn’t fly. It was a twin-engine aircraft and depending on the model and the make, such an aircraft can cost anywhere between 450,000 and 1.4 million dollars.


It’s interesting to point out that racehorses happen to be quite popular among lottery winners. The number of people who have bought noble animals is rather high, turning racehorses into one of the most popular ways to spend money after winning.

Keith Gough won the lottery in the UK, an event that led to a series of pretty irrational decisions. As a result of becoming richer, Gough spent 180,000 pounds on the purchase of racehorses. The sum comes close to 260,000 US dollars. During the very same period, Gough spent 80,000 pounds on his gardener and driver, 60,000 pounds on a brand-new BMW, and approximately 500,000 pounds on a house.

Private Education

Lottery winners that have kids will obviously spend a large amount of the money on their offspring. Spending money on admission to private colleges is yet another expensive thing that several lottery winners have done.

Lisa Arcand, a single mother from Massachusetts, became a lottery millionaire in 2004. One of the first things that Arcand did after winning was to hold a party for 20 close friends and family members. During the celebration, Arcand ordered numerous bottles of wine (some of them carrying a 200-dollar price tag).

She also made the choice to transfer her child to a better school. Looking for the best educational opportunity, Arcand ended up spending 10,000 dollars per year on private school tuition. Unfortunately, the young lady didn’t think about saving some of the money. Pretty soon, she had lost it all.


Some people find the thrills of attempting to win the lottery much more addictive than actually becoming millionaires. This is why it’s not uncommon for lottery winners to do something incredibly stupid and waste their millions on gambling.

Evelyn Adams did just that. The lady didn’t win the lottery once – she became a millionaire two times! Instead of being content with her luck, however, Adams took things a step too far. In the years to come, she had to declare bankruptcy because she spent more than six million dollars on fueling her addiction and visiting Atlantic City casinos.

Designer Clothes and Shopping Sprees

Vivian “Viv” Nicholson is a Fashionista from the UK who became famous after her husband won a football pool in 1961. Yes, lottery winners have been spending money on expensive items for decades!

The money translates to approximately three million dollars, taking into consideration current economic conditions. Viv Nicholson spent almost all of it on designer clothes and shopping sprees. Fur coats, jewelry, brand-new home appliances, and other luxurious items quickly led to the loss of all the money.  After her husband died in a car accident, Viv was left dealing with massive debt, taxes, and lawsuits.

So, what’s the lesson from all of these stories? It’s a great idea to buy an airplane or a racehorse but it’s also wise to set some of the money aside. Otherwise, you may end up living on a plane that you can’t pilot.

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