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6 Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Times

Believe it or not, one in every 3 jackpots is won by a lottery syndicate. A lottery syndicate is a formal club, a group of people who sign a formal agreement at the time of joining or establishing the lottery syndicate. It’s become rather popular among passionate lottery players from all around the world. They’ve seen the potential of this type of cooperation. Lottery players are pooling their resources, including time, money, experience, and skills to win the much-desired lottery jackpots. There are quite a lot of famous lottery syndicate winners who have become heroes in the lottery community. However, there are a handful of lottery syndicate winners, which, besides winning magnificent prizes, have become famous, as a matter of speaking.

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I’m not going to put them in some particular order. The bottom line is that all of them are lottery syndicates and have won millions of dollars.

UK Tesco Syndicate – £3.6m – 15 Players

Tesco Lottery Syndicate

This is one of the more recent lottery prizes that were won by a lottery syndicate. In 2014, 15 lucky lottery players joined forces to win the UK National Lottery. And so they did win the lottery. £3.6m was added to their lottery syndicate account. Each of the syndicate members got a little under £250,000. Despite the vast cash injection each of them received, they decided to stay at Tesco. How they bought the winning lottery ticket? Well, one of the syndicate members, Jackie Beresford bought the ticket solely because she was superstitious enough to follow the signs that were in front of her. There was a seagull pointing at the ticket. She made herself and her 14 syndicate mates a quarter of a million richer. It feels good to be included among the highest-paying lottery syndicate winners.

Bus Driver Syndicate Wins the EuroMillions – £38m

The Corby Stars Syndicate

The Tesco syndicate may have remained loyal to Tesco, but these bus drivers decided to retire, and they had a good reason. The syndicate consisted of 12 passionate lottery players. The Tesco syndicate lottery players won a decent amount, but these bus drivers won £3.1m each. This amount of money is more than enough to live a comfy life, without any worries if they’re going to run out of money. They’ve decided to enjoy what the EuroMillions gave them. Luxurious cars, luxurious houses, extravagant holidays, and premium education for their children are some of the plans they had. Today, they’re not driving buses, they live like millionaires.

Toyota Syndicate from Australia Scoops $15m in Total

Toyota Factory Syndicate

With the factory being scheduled for closing, the employees of a Toyota factory located in Australia can breathe easy, well, some of them. To be precise, 16 of them. These 16 lottery players were part of the Toyota lottery syndicate which won $15m. The 7 lucky numbers 2, 3, 12, 19, 23, 32, 40, and the bonus numbers 6 and 37 made these hard-working people millionaires. Each of them won close to $1m. Mortgages are the first thing they’re going to repay, so they can live a debt-free life.

So far we know only that there are 16 players who are sharing the prize. Who are they? We honestly don’t know since they’ve decided to remain anonymous. An interesting part of their story is that despite one of their colleagues not being part of the syndicate formally, the syndicate lottery players decided to share the prize with him as well because you were playing with them on a regular basis. It’s a heartwarming story, nevertheless. I’ve seen situations when players who are part of the syndicate fail to receive their winnings due to scams. Here we see something totally different.

€86.7m Strike in Ireland – A Mysterious Lottery Syndicate in the Spotlight

Irish Lottery Syndicate

There are those who win the jackpot and share it, and then there are those who win the entire jackpot.  A €6 quick pick lottery ticket containing the numbers 6, 8, 34, 38 and 48, and 3, and 9 brought a staggering €86.7m to a rather mysterious lottery syndicate in Dublin, Ireland. I have no information regarding how many players are sharing the prize. EuroMillions is the most popular lottery in Europe, the equivalent of the US Powerball. Ireland is one of the luckiest countries in the EU, at least when it comes to the lottery. The Irish are regular lottery syndicate winners.

2nd Biggest – $448m Powerball Jackpot Share Across 3 Winning Tickets

Powerball Syndicate

Unlike the previous lottery syndicate which won the entire jackpot, these 16 colleagues had to settle with one-third of the $448m jackpot. That’s $149m, divided by 16 that’s $3.8 after taxes. They’re working in New Jersey’s Ocean County Department of Vehicles Services.

An intriguing part of their story is the fact that 6 of the 16 lottery players were affected by the infamous Superstorm Sandy. It seems like luck was on their side this time around. They can rebuild their homes and start all over, thanks to the most famous lottery in the world, the Powerball.

The Biggest of Them All – $656m Went to 3 Lucky Players

Three Amigos Syndicate

The most fortunate lottery syndicate of all time is known as the Three Amigos. They sit at the very top of our lottery syndicate winners list. Back in 2012, these 3 lottery players won a staggering $656m. This record-breaking jackpot made each of the three winning ticket owners $218.6m richer. Each of the players gave $20, buying 60 lottery tickets.

The Three Amigos lottery syndicate won $158m since they opted for the lump sum payout. After taxes, each of them got $35m. It’s a decent sum amount of money to live wherever you want, however, you like for as long as you can.

Make your own lottery syndicate today. Maybe your story will be the next one I’m going to write about.

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