5 People Who Won the Lottery a Few Times in One Day

People Who Won the Lottery a Few Times in One Day

Have you ever won the lottery? For many players, the goal is to at least score one big win in their lifetime. For most of us, this may never happen. Then, there’s another category of people – those who have won more than one time. And finally – there are the super players. What makes them so great, you may ask? The fact that they’ve managed to win multiple times and not in their lifetime but on the same day.

History knows several stories of people who have snatched multiple prizes in a single day. Here are a few of the greatest accomplishments – accomplishments so big that they’re almost impossible to believe.

The Lady Who Won 30 Times in a Day

Deborah Brown

Our first story is of the lady that won the lottery 30 times in the same day!

Deborah Brown from Virginia had the hunch one day to get 20 Pick 4 tickets for the local state lottery. All of them had the same digits, and all of them were for the same drawing.

Deborah, however, decided this wasn’t enough. Later on in the day, she got 10 more tickets, and they also featured the same four-digit combination.

She was feeling the digit combo of 1-0-3-1. In a press conference, she said that she was inspired and went on a hunch. Her instincts were right and paid off in a combined amount of 150,000 dollars.

When she saw all of her numbers come up for the drawing, Deborah said that she’d nearly had a heart attack. All of the 30 tickets were winning. While the odds of that happening aren’t the worst – 1 in 10,000 – it’s still not an easy accomplishment.

Deborah is a modest lady. She said that she doesn’t have immediate plans for her 150,000 dollars. The one thing she intended to do was renovate her home a bit.

Scratch Card after Scratch Card for 300,000 Dollars

Mark Maltz

When they win a small amount from a scratch-off ticket, most people will stop there. Mark Maltz, however, decided to risk. That risk paid off not once but twice more.

In 2018, Mark bought a scratch-off ticket in his home state of Michigan. It was winning and gave him 10 dollars. You may say this isn’t very impressive and you’re right. Mark, however, didn’t stop there. He bought another Fast Cash scratch-off ticket. The prize this time was 15 dollars.

Encouraged by his first two wins, Mark got one more ticket. This final one gave him a prize of over 300,000 dollars.

Just like Deborah, Mark didn’t have immediate plans for the prize. He said in a press conference that he was still thinking about the best way to spend the money.

How to Win More Than a Million Dollars in One Day

Michelle Shuffler

Michelle Shuffler joins our list of the luckiest lottery players in the world.

Michelle wasn’t a regular lottery player. One Sunday in 2017, however, she had a few extra bucks, and she decided to test her luck. She went to a local gas station in North Carolina and together with her husband, Michelle bought a scratch-off Million Dollar Fever ticket.

Imagine her surprise when she found out that the ticket gave her 10,000 dollars! Michelle viewed this as a sign. She had a hunch and decided to test her luck once again. The gamble paid off, and Michelle beat nearly impossible odds.

The couple decided to go to another store, inspired by the million-dollar top prize for the game. They bought another ticket. They scratched off the respective fields. Imagine their surprise when they found out that they’d won the top Million Dollar Fever prize.

Michelle chose to get her money in annual payments of 50,000 dollars instead of a lump sum of 600,000 dollars.

The money is to be used on the education of the couple’s kids, as well as for their retirement fund.

Easy Pick = Two Lucky Tickets and 101,000 Dollars

Randy Cage

A man from Virginia won two lottery prizes on the same day, amassing 101,000 dollars.

Randy Cage bought a quick pick Cash 5 ticket in January 2019. On the same day, he acquired a bonus scratch-off ticket.

The random lottery ticket gave him a prize of 100,000 dollars. Randy’s luck, however, didn’t end there. The bonus ticket was also a winning one and the sum it contributed to was 1,000 dollars.

While most people will be over the moon, Randy remained cool as a cucumber. He said that he didn’t feel any different, even though most would deem him to be incredibly lucky. Randy said that he’d use the money to pay off some debt and get his life back on track.

One Million Dollars Isn’t Enough

Mario Martinez got two tickets on a September 2017 day. The California resident bought a Twisted Scratchers and a 50X the Money ticket. As you’ve probably guessed already, both of the tickets were winning.

The Twisted Scratchers ticket revealed a sum of 1,000 dollars. But wait, this isn’t everything that Mario got.

The 50X the Money ticket produced something even more impressive and unbelievable – one million dollars! Do you see a pattern emerging here? It seems that 1,000 and one million are the two lucky numbers when it comes to multiple wins in the same day.

At the time of receiving the prize, Mario had no idea how he was going to spend the money. We hope that he’s done something great for himself and his family with it.

If you haven’t won yet, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. Some incredible people have beaten the odds more than once in the same day. While such luck seems almost impossible when math and statistics are applied, real-life stories show that reality can often be a lot stranger than fiction.

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