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UK 49’s Exposed — Bookies, Betting and Winning

49s Exposed

UK 49’s Review

Okay, this one was weird. 49’s Ltd. is not so much an online betting site but a website to link to bookmakers in the UK for betting on various games. 49s.co.uk explains their games and publishes the results, and provides locations where players can play. Again, don’t expect (at this time) to be able to place your bets directly through 49s.co.uk’s website.

49’s Ltd and their Games

49s.co.uk offers five games to bet on – 49’s, Irish Lotto, Virtual Horse Racing, Virtual Greyhound Racing, and Rapido. Our initial impression is their website is set up to encourage bookmakers versus clarification on the games mostly as the only explanation on how it works through their “Brand” menu. They are also partnered with several local betting sites.

More on their Games

49s is played twice a day (lunchtime guessing at noon-ish and tea time around 16:49 GMT), seven days a week, with players choosing three numbers. Players have numbers 1-49 to choose from. The draw itself pulls six balls plus the booster ball. Rapido is a little bit more confusing as various options depending on what you want to bet up to pick 10 numbers. The draw itself involves “lozenges” from 1 to 80 with twenty numbers drawn. It is played a morning daily.

Virtual Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing

Note the word virtual here. Each virtual horse or greyhound has odds identified, which go into the number of assigned balls to each racer. A “random number generator” calculates 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down to the last. Betters can experience the game at their local betting shop. It looks like there is one race a day, and they emphasize that no races are canceled due to bad weather.

Irish Lotto Betting at 49s.co.uk

Last but not least is betting on the official National Irish Lotto. This takes place twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday) with 3 draws each day. It looks like they pay out on nailing three numbers, though it could depend on different bookmakers.

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49s.co.uk Customer Service

This online betting site is registered in Wales & England with a post office box in London. 49’s Ltd. also has an email address but no telephone number, online form, or live chat. Players are directed to talk to their local bookmaker for more information, especially about what they can win. It’s not a surprise then as players have to be from and in the UK to play – oh, and 18 years or older.

Promos Discounts and Offers at 49’s

As a new customer, you are entitled to cashback of up to 40 pounds if you lose your first bet as a way to encourage you. In addition to that, you get a cash bonus of 10 pounds.

Why You Should Register With 49’s


Something to Do at LunchTime

Collect Your Winnings As You Play – we think

Somewhere to Go to Place Bets

Why You Shouldn’t Register With 49’s


You can’t place bets on their website- at this time

No Real Lotteries

No Mega Jackpots

Would you mind rating 49s.co.uk?

Is 49s.co.uk Legit?

Though winning is winning, this is a betting site with products that have been developed and operated by 49s.co.uk – this is not your standard lotteries, and don’t look for those mega jackpots. According to them, they have put rigorous policies and procedures in place to ensure a transparent draw.

49s.co.uk doesn’t get a thumbs up or thumbs down – it’s just plain weird. If you live in the UK and have nothing better to do around lunchtime, then heading to the local bookie to play 49’s might be a bit of a hoot. For the team and me, we’re going to stick to our lotteries.

  1. Ok, I have to comment here.

    Do you guy have any idea how difficult and time consuming it would be to rig every draw for the lowest amount of payouts??

    It’s ridiculous. Plus the Gambling Commission must have audited it. And why would top name bookmakers risk losing their license hosting a bent lotto?

    Here’s an idea for everyone crying scam.

    Sit and work out the true odds of hitting two numbers, three numbers and four numbers.
    Then see if you can work out why they don’t need to “cheat” anyone.

    Honestly people seemingly gamble like crazy without even a basic understanding of statistics or variance.


    • Andrew. Do you not know of computerized systems that are instantaneous? Look at today’s numbers. 3 the same and 4 the same as yesterday!!

    • With regards to your e-mail. It’s a scam so don’t talk nonsense as numbers don’t come out the way they do so it’s a profiteering scam as look where the company is based ??? LONDON. Politicians have their fingers in the 49s scam no doubt as it doesn’t take a genius to work it out so get a grip company man and do not insult people’s intelligence

  2. Yes yes yes the 49s a joke they are ripoffs I got into it about 8 months ago first 4 weeks I won some money all in all about 400 then it went downhill when they knew I was hooked I spent 30 and 80 a day on two draws kept chasing my numbers when I got pissed off I skipped the next drew and there my numbers come in that happened a lot or to me put numbers to come in my usual they are scum robbing bastard iv stopped playing
    BUT HAVE STUDYING THEM THINK PEOPLE SHOULD STOP PLAYING THE 49S THEY SCUM they definitely do something to them balls way them down or something

    • 49s what to say same weeks back I waited for the last min to put my bet on and waited to see the results but no results at the time they should be results showed up way late so why 49s did I have all 6 numbers you guys are scum I think the press needs to know that there are a lot of people not happy we work hard for ower money same times we try ower luck but with people like you that think you can rob people blind you just scum one day you all answer for it iv played this crap for a long time thinking my luck will change not knowing everything is fixed sleep nice bitchers

  3. The amount of numbers in the 40s is a joke! Because horse racing is basically finished bookies coining in on numbers. The 49s, the daily millions, Irish lotto. All rigged to produce high percentage of 40s. For gods sake give punters some chances. Don’t keep it all.

  4. If it’s rigged (and most things involving a computer are) then why not write your selections on a plain betting slip and hand it over in the final 30 seconds before the draw closes.
    That way your numbers will not be in the computer (bookies cashiers are too slow to enter them manually before the draw happens) and can’t be used to manipulate the putcome should you pick 4 numbers at 31 to win £10,000.

  5. It’s totally rigged..I have been playing 3 numbers for last 6 moths and both draws ..only one day in second draw
    I got in to betfred to get my ticket but I missed the draw by 10 seconds and guess what my numbers came ..f*** sake how is even that possible? Proper fixed and rigged


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