4 Tricks for Playing the Lottery with Your Spouse without Divorcing or Going Broke

4 Tricks for Playing the Lottery as a Couple

Playing the Lottery as a Couple

Marital bliss is based on compromises and subtlety or so they say. Many couples, however, believe that marital bliss is based on winning the lottery jackpot. We have to agree to some extent. Organizing romantic date nights on a weekly basis, after all, would be a lot easier if you have a few millions in the bank. Who wouldn’t enjoy boarding a private plane to Italy for a bowl of steamy pasta, right?

Playing the lottery as a couple, however, will most often lead to big fights. Forgetting to buy a ticket, buying too many tickets or failing to come to an agreement about the family’s lottery ritual will most definitely destroy the good vibes in your home.

We’re a bunch of compassionate folks, which is why we’ve decided to bring harmony back into your marriage. Here are a couple of essential tips for playing the lottery together, without eventually going broke or divorcing each other.

Learn from the Experiences of Others

Here’s your daily dose of motivation – playing the lottery as a couple will be a lot more fun if you have a couple of inspirational stories to keep you going.

Have you heard about the Virginia couple that won the lottery three times in a single month? Calvin and Zatera Spencer got their first win of one million dollars in the beginning of March, 2014. This amount, however, wasn’t enough for the lucky couple. On March 26, they won an additional award of 50,000 dollars. Calvin, however, wasn’t going to settle for the mediocre two prizes in a single month. The very next day, he bought a ticket that brought the Virginia family an additional million.

How did they do it? The explanation is that the Spencers didn’t give up. According to Calvin, they aren’t done yet and the couple plans to continue the lottery until… well, we’ll just have to wait and see whether they’ll turn playing the lottery in a full-time career.

This heartwarming example, however, is countered by a few cringeworthy instances. A young couple in Britain missed its chance to collect a three million pound award by losing the winning ticket (now, this smells of divorce or feelings of eternal guilt for the responsible party). The couple recognized the numbers after a TV announcement about the jackpot that wasn’t claimed. What they found out after the initial euphoria, however, was a missing ticket!

So, here’s your first lesson, kids – if you’re playing the lottery as a couple, make sure that both of you know where the ticket is at all times!

Set a Budget, Stick to It!

What do couples fight about most often? No, we aren’t talking about sex! Financial issues tend to lead the chart for many household.

To make the lottery fun for both of you, set a weekly budget and make sure that neither of you is going over the amount. By having a good idea about how much you’re going to spend on tickets, you can curb impulsive purchases and have a lot of fun.

Once you’ve settled on your weekly budget, you can also decide how many tickets to buy and what lotteries to play. Make these decisions as a couple; otherwise it would seem too much like a dictatorship.

What Are You Going to Spend Your Money on?

Making plans about spending your future earnings may seem like wishful thinking but believe us, this is another serious issue that you can enter the biggest fight of your life over. For many couples, winning the lottery isn’t the answer. It’s the beginning of a major nightmare.

Come up with a plan about what you’re going to spend the money on if you ever win the big cash. Are you going to buy a new house? Travel the world? Set some funds aside for the education of the kids? Hey, we aren’t judging your dreams, just trying to tell you that a preliminary plan will be so important. Otherwise, the euphoria of the moment could lead to the dumbest decisions ever, decisions that you’ll regret for the rest of your lives.

Enjoy the Process of Playing the Lottery

Playing the lottery as a couple isn’t all about hitting the jackpot. It can be a bonding experience that has significant therapeutic benefits. You’ll get to have fun together, hope for a major win and save some money on visiting a shrink. It’s a win-win situation!

Enjoy the process without expecting too much. Big expectations for hitting the jackpot will put too much pressure on the entire experience. As we’ve already written a couple of times, it would be difficult to come up with a system that will guarantee a win. Instead of sweating over it, have fun as a couple.

Finally, you’re welcome for the tips and don’t forget to share your success store with us! If you’ve won the lottery as a couple already, you may want to share the experience with the rest of our readers. We’ll sure that they’re all going to be eternally grateful.

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