4 Reasons Why Women Tend to be Better Lottery Players. #2 Is Quite Unexpected!

4 Reasons Why Women Tend to be Better Lottery Players

Who Is the Luckiest Person in the World?

Do you know who the luckiest person in the world is? No, it’s not your significant other (or your mom), and yes, we knew this was going to be your guess! The special lady’s name is Joan R. Ginther. The name doesn’t ring the bell? All that you need to know is that Joan is the woman that won the lottery four times. By winning the lottery, we don’t mean that she got 10 bucks each time for cumulative gains ranging between 40 and 60 dollars. She won 5.4 million dollars the first time, two million dollars the second, three million dollars next and she ended it all with a final win of 10 million dollars.

Is this pure luck? Is it divine intervention? Or maybe women are simply better lottery players?

Ladies seem to be much more fortunate than guys when it comes to hitting the jackpot. Several factors could be determining why women are (allegedly) better lottery players. Take notes, gentlemen!

It’s Not Do or Die

Think that ladies are bigger drama queens? Think again! When it comes to lottery games, women tend to have a much more balanced approach.

For men, it’s a do or die scenario, psychologists explain. Men are worried about doing their best earning more and more, and more. Ladies tend to have a much more relaxed attitude, which often contributes to winning.

Size Doesn’t Matter

We’re still talking about lottery winning here! Women aren’t that focused on winning the jackpot each time. This attitude gives them satisfaction with even smaller earnings. For many men, winning the whole thing becomes a fixation. They look for strategies, calculate odds and ultimately – invest in the lottery much more than they’d ever win.

Women are more rational, and they rarely go the extra mile to guarantee success (the results of such efforts are questionable, anyway). Most ladies feel content with even smaller amounts – we can’t all be Joan R. Ginther, after all.

Since the size of the award isn’t of that paramount importance, women tend to be much more content with their lottery profit than die-hard male lottery fans.

Girls Know When to Say No

Numerous studies suggest that men are two to three times more likely to develop the so-called problem gambling behavior. This means that attempting to win becomes a goal in itself and many men don’t know when to quit. As a result, the amounts won from the lottery are invested in further participation, which sooner or later contributes to net losses.

Fewer women exhibit the same problem traits.

In other words, women maintain their cool and know when to quit. This way, they end up enjoying their winnings rather than investing the money back in lottery tickets, hoping to score an even bigger amount.

Online gambling and lottery research carried out in the UK suggests that men lose an average of 3,709 pounds on an annual basis when playing online games and participating in lotteries. In comparison, women lose only 2,659 pounds. A man will make an average deposit of 94 pounds in online gaming, or lottery opportunity while a woman will spend an average of 67 pounds. Can you see now how this cautious approach and the ability to put an end at the best possible moment contribute to women being more prominent lottery winners?

It’s All About the Money… or Is It?

For most men (and for numerous women) the lottery is all about the money.

Some research, however, suggests that women get much more than financial benefits.

For many ladies, lottery games are all about excitement and anticipation. The lottery ticket is a little piece of hope hidden in the depths of the bottomless handbag. A ticket gives a girl the chance to daydream, feel excited and hope for something better.

Women appreciate the emotional aspect, the thrill linked to expecting the jackpot. Men tend to be much more goal-oriented, which is why they don’t get satisfaction from the lottery unless they win.

So, Are Women Better at the Lottery?

The truth is that winning the lottery is about tons of luck and a little bit of strategy.

Research suggests that women tend to be better, but is this so? Is one gender luckier than the other? It’s difficult to say.

There are vast differences between what we do as men and women. From the way, we organize our closets, to toilet seat position preferences and even gambling attitudes. Still, many ladies are risky gamblers, and many men have a conservative approach.

Are you a girl hoping that you have a gender advantage when it comes to buying a lottery ticket? Or maybe you’re a guy who doesn’t agree with anything this article says? One thing is sure – winning the lottery depends on many, many factors. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus or so does popular culture say. Whether these planetary differences affect the odds of winning the lottery is nearly impossible to tell. Good luck, regardless of your gender and don’t forget to share your lottery success story in the comments below.

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