4 Crazy Investments to Make If You Win Powerball. Boy, I Wish It Was Me!

4 Crazy Investments to Make If You Win Powerball

Powerball Winner Means Investor

So you’ve won the Powerball jackpot, literally. You have millions of dollars in your bank account, but you don’t know what to do with them. In the past, there were some cases when the jackpot winners made some serious spending. Some literally wasted their money and went broke over the next few years. When I read those stories I personally didn’t believe that. However, after I did some research it turned out all of them were real. I don’t want you to make the same mistake as they did, but it’s intriguing to take a look on the wild side and what you can do with all that money. After extensive thinking I laid out 4 different crazy investments so to speak. All of them take millions so if you haven’t won the Powerball yet you and I can only dream about this.

Money Can Make You Famous – Start a Reality Show

Let’s face it. Not everyone becomes a multimillionaire overnight. As a Powerball winner you certainly are one lucky person. You are unique in a way. When I say people will literally be asking themselves what he/she is doing with all that money, I’m not speculating. It’s human nature to think about this and to put themselves in the shoes of successful people. It literally doesn’t matter what kind of success we’re talking about.

Since this kind of success is part of many people’s dreams they’d like to take a peek into your life. Starting a reality show where you are in the spotlight is an absolutely great idea. Why? The answer is quite straightforward, because people will like to follow it. I bet the views will surpass Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This kind of project takes millions and you as a Powerball winner have them. Not only you will enjoy in your prize you will make more money out of it. You’re rich, famous and people envy you because of your success. If only I was that fortunate person I’d get this kind of project underway as soon as possible.

You Have Millions, Become the Bank – Peer to Peer Lending

Even in your wildest dreams you have thought that this can become true. I’m 100% positive that at one point in time you had this going through your mind, “can’t I be the bank for a while?” The tables have obviously turned. As crazy as it sounds these Powerball millions can work for you. You don’t have to, the money will. There’s always a person, a company in need of more money. It’s not that of a crazy investment, but it’s the craziest you can probably undertake. It’s safe, profitable and you can redefine your position in society by being the bank.

It may not be crazy, but sure sounds crazy. Boy, do I wish to be in this position.

Start an NGO – Do Something Good for the World as a Whole

Now I know this may seem a bit off and it doesn’t sound like an investment, but believe me, this works. Imagine this. You are the latest philanthropist that has joined the scene. You have deep pockets full with money you can’t spend in a lifetime. Why not invest them in your image and reputation. You’ll be hanging around Bill Gates, for instance. You’ll be in the company of people who are just like you, rich people with one thing on their minds, live the life to the fullest and do something kind with what you have.

This is not an investment that pays off in the short run; instead you’ll build connections and network with people with high standards and worth. Being around this kind of people can only bring success.

In a way, since you’re going to be around successful people most likely there are going to be some hints and advice on how and where to invest. This is just a stepping stone to where you want to end. The Powerball jackpot is just the beginning. The end is where you want it to be. Now you have the means to go where you want, plus you have the people to do it. From a Powerball winner’s standpoint of view, this sure is one crazy investment to make.

Start Your Own Line of Clothes, Perfumes – Call It by Your Name

I think by now you get the point how I’m trying to guide you and point you to “investments” which can potentially double, triple and even quadruple your money. All of these investment ideas will give you a status, more money and you will not be just another jackpot winner who wasted its money on over the course of a few years. I’m not saying that you should focus on business and money. I just want to say that you can and you should have fun while still doing something uncommon.

Starting any kind of company requires courage and money. There’s no safety net that will soften your fall. On the other hand, you have your millions. Powerball has been good to you. Use the opportunity to show the world that you are not like everybody else. Success can’t be defined with a general statement. It’s what you make of it.

Many celebrities have their own line of clothes, perfumes etc. Do they need more money? No, but they’re still doing it so they have additional presence in society.

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