4 Benefits of Getting Outside Your Home for Buying the Lottery Tickets. Shut Down Your PC!

4 Benefits of Getting Outside Your Home for Buying the Lottery Tickets

Leave Your Couch for Buying the Lottery Tickets

I always vouch for buying lottery tickets online because that’s what I prefer for the most part. However, going out actually and buying lottery tickets from a retail lottery shop has its own benefits too. If you have been buying the lottery tickets online for a long time you’ve probably forgotten how cool it can be. It’s refreshing to meet genuine people with the same interests as you have, lottery for instance. Before I go any further, let me stress one point, play the lottery as you find it best. It doesn’t matter if you buy the lottery tickets online or from a retail shop. As far as you should be concerned, the winning numbers should match your numbers that is all.

You Actually Feel Like You’re Doing Something – Lottery Player Identity

Yeah, I was in this limbo before. After some time the satisfaction I had from playing the lottery started to diminish, quite a lot in fact. I was winning, I was excited about it, but something was missing. I had a chat with one of my friends who is working from home and he was feeling the same. Since he didn’t have any social contact with colleagues etc. his job satisfaction went downhill. I made the comparison, which to be honest wasn’t that difficult to make. It’s obvious! So I started mixing up online lottery and I started playing the local lottery. This identity of a lottery player, I finally had it back.

Sure, you have to go out and walk a little, or take the car, but you’re doing it because you want to. There certainly is a big prize waiting for you down the road. On top of this you’ll actually feel first hand how people played lottery before the age of the Internet.

Meet, Connect and Network with Other Lottery Players Locally

First and foremost, yes, you can do this online, but can you actually go for a cup of coffee with your lottery friend living on the other side of the continent? That’s right, you can’t. Excuses as in “who will want to go out with me and chat about lottery” or simply procrastinating won’t get you out of the box. It’s as simple as going to the store and buying groceries. I’m 100% certain that you’ve met someone awesome while you were buying groceries. Next time when you login and you think of buying the lottery tickets online, think again. The weather is amazing; I’ll go out for a walk and buy lottery tickets from the retail shop down the street. The chances of meeting a lottery player just like you are astronomical. I used to this before I made my friends start to play the lottery. Now I always have someone to share my joy when I’m on a winning spree and I have a shoulder to cry on when well let’s just say Lady Luck turns her back on me.

First Hand Tips and Advice Regarding Your Local or National Lottery

Rather similar to the previous heading, but with a little twist. You see, in my early days of playing the lottery I wanted to grab each tiny bit of information I could get to improve my play style. I looked everywhere, I turned stones and rocks to find the missing ingredient that will increase my returns. Although I learned a great deal about lottery in general, I couldn’t find any directly related advice to my local lottery and the national lottery. That’s until I didn’t change my approach to filtering the info. Eventually, while I was buying the lottery tickets at the local lottery retailer I had a chat with the cashier. He told me about this group of lottery players who were killing it. The story is they got together and came up with probably the best strategy to win the local lottery. Now I never got the opportunity to become part of that group, but as you can see the benefits of buying the lottery tickets “offline” has its own benefits. I could’ve become part of the group if I was buying my tickets in that shop.

Contribute to the Local Community – Stimulate Local Economy

Now this may not benefit you directly. It’s more of a selfless act of kindness. If you buy lottery tickets online somebody else benefits from that sale. Some other community will get the share of taxes, fees etc. By buying the lottery tickets locally, you contribute to the development of the community you live in. Sure, it’s not millions, but hey! Somebody is feeding his family by that small share of the commission they get for every sold ticket.

I really like the owner of the shop. He’s a nice family guy. Not like Peter Griffin from Family Guy, he’s actually a decent person. On top of this, since I’m a regular player he even bought me a cup of coffee once. He told me his story how he started up the business.

When I was buying tickets from a retail shop I wanted to go by foot. I like walking and this was just another reason to go out for a walk.

By doing all of these you become closer to your surroundings. It’s good to be back among actual living beings. Stand up, put on your jacket and go buy the lottery tickets in the shop down the street.

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