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1xBET Exposed — You Might Get Lost Getting There

1XBET Exposed

1xBET Review

The 1xBet app is probably one of the most confusing services out there. The design is so cluttered and outdated that it becomes challenging to determine what the site has to offer.

1xBet live is quite obviously a sports betting website, but it’s decided to rebrand itself as something else, as well.

So, 1xBet online has also decided to enter the realm of lotteries. And that’s where all of the confusion originates from.

It’s vital to understand what 1xBet offers. And that thing is not an opportunity to buy tickets for popular online lotteries. As already mentioned, this is a betting platform. Hence, you will be betting against lottery results and not participating in the respective game itself.

Yes, this sounds like a huge hodgepodge of opportunities, but we’re here to find out the truth about 1xBet. The following 1xBet review will give you all of the essentials so that you can draw your accurate conclusion about this opportunity and whether it is worth pursuing.

Is GiantLottos a reputable lottery site?

Games at 1xBET.com

1xBET.com offers players the opportunity to bet on 33 international lotteries. In some cases, you are playing against the real full ticket line drawn on the official sites they represent. In some cases, you have the opportunity to choose, say five numbers (when a lottery draws 6).

Apart from this, 1xBet appears to offer everything but the kitchen sink. In essence, you can bet on things you would have never considered betting opportunities at all. There’s a cryptocurrency exchange, sports betting on teams or tournaments, an online casino, daily tournaments, virtual sports betting, TV games, bingo, poker, and a ton more.

The platform supposedly gives players opportunities to bet in more than 60,000 sports events and tournaments. That seems to be the 1xBet biggest strength, and certainly, lottery ticket buying isn’t it.

So, if you are an avid sports betting enthusiast, this platform may be a good match for your needs. Buying tickets for international lottery games – not so much.

Getting Your Winnings with 1xBET

Winnings are credited directly to your account after any lottery draw and paid to you upon request.

Funds will be transferred to you in the same way that you used to put some money in your 1xBet account in the first place.

The currently supported payment methods include debit and credit cards, wire transfers, Skrill, ePay, Neteller, and various other digital payment service providers. So that’s a good thing as you have a good pick of both international and local payment solutions that are servicing specific parts of the world.

Who Can Play at 1xBet?

Players have to be of legal age (18 or older) to access the betting opportunities being offered at 1xBet. Other than that, there isn’t an awful lot of information about eventual restrictions.

Those living in countries where online betting is not legal will potentially have difficulties accessing platforms like 1xBet.  The platform’s app will also be unavailable for 1xBet download in such instances.

Who Is Behind 1xBet?

The company behind 1xBet is registered in Cyprus – a very prominent jurisdiction for online lottery operators and bookies in sports betting.

According to research information, the entity behind this platform has an East European background.

Getting in touch with the company is possible in a couple of ways. There are international phone numbers entered as possibilities for getting in touch with the customer service team.

Support is also available in an array of languages, which is nice.

Other Bits and Pieces

There are live betting and even streaming of some sports events via the platform.

We’ve gone through a wide array of 1xBet reviews to determine if someone has used the lottery service. We did our best to verify the identity of 1xBet winners, but that’s quite difficult. Some use 1xBet online for sports betting, and these people have won money. The lottery-focused section of the website does not seem to be as prominent as the other opportunities.

Finally, we checked out reputable websites like TrustPilot for information about 1xBet. Unfortunately, 1xBet games don’t seem to be benefiting from such a good reputation there. The platform’s TrustPilot rating is 1.8 out of 5, which is quite poor. Some of the main complaints focus on facts like not receiving money that has been won, not having deposited amounts showing up in a player’s account, and generally having an incredibly hard time receiving any kind of assistance from customer service.

Why You Should Register With 1xBet


A wide selection of online betting and sports betting opportunities

The platform supports an extensive range of payment methods

The money withdrawal procedure is relatively simple and straightforward

There’s a wide range of lotteries to choose among

The website is available in numerous languages, and it is localized for the respective demographic

The company behind 1xBet is a legitimate entity

There are mobile apps for various devices that can be used instead of the desktop version

Why You Shouldn’t Register With 1xBet


The website’s design is convoluted and outdated

You will be betting against lottery results and not participating in the actual national lottery itself

There have been numerous customer complaints about the quality of the service

Getting in touch with customer support can be difficult

Does not support PayPal transfers

Would you mind rating 1xBET.com?

Is 1xBET.com Legit?

While the 1xBet signup bonus could have lured you into giving this opportunity a try, it’s not an optimal one for lottery enthusiasts. People who like live betting and sports betting will potentially enjoy it more, but there have been way too many negative reviews about this service.

Is 1x Bet live worth giving a try? Not really, especially when the information available via TrustPilot is taken into consideration. You can, however, experiment with some small amounts (especially if you’re interested in sports betting) to find out for yourself if this opportunity deserves your attention.

  1. I’ve been very satisfied with 1xbet’s customer service. They’re always friendly and helpful, and they always resolve any issues quickly and efficiently

    • Hello, Paul

      Thank you very much for your feedback!

  2. 1xbet is a reputable and reliable betting company that has been providing a comprehensive range of services since 2011. They offer a wide range of sports betting options and have an excellent customer service team that is always available to assist customers with any issues. Their betting odds are competitive and their deposit and withdrawal options are secure and efficient. They also have a Curacao license ensuring a safe and secure betting experience. So I can recommend this company and make it stand out from the rest.

    • Hello, Dan!

      Thank you very much for taking the time to write to provide feedback on our Company!

  3. Worst app and it’s so called fraud app there is one game Crash it’s completely fake, this 1x team looting the public after some good withdrawal they will not allow to win any amount and if we write any complaint they will not take it seriously it’s the worst app.

    • Hello!

      Thank you for leaving a review. If there’s any particular struggle you’re having with your own gaming ID, please let us know so that we could assist you with that.

      Best regards,
      The 1xBet Team

  4. Hello, Is 1XBET A SCAM?

    It’s been over 1 year now since 1xbet blocked my account with 27,000,000 F (about USD 45,000). Account ID: 370930595

    They say I’m undergoing a verification process according to their T&C 2.34 which says: Should the bookmaker’s Security Service have any concerns about the bettor’s identity or their personal details (address, credit or debit card, other data), they are entitled to request any documents from the bettor substantiating their identity or other submitted data at the bookmaker’s absolute discretion, as well as to cancel any payments until all such details are verified.

    Here’s a rundown of all the verification process they’ve done so far, which has been ongoing for over 1 year:

    06/01/22: I tried to make a withdrawal from my account and it’s rejected. They ask me to send basic verification documents (photo of ID, photo of me holding ID and phone with mail from their security team, screenshots of cryptocurrency account used to make deposit, history of account and account details, etc)

    11/01/22: My account is blocked and i’m asked to submit an appeal claim

    07/03/22: They ask me to send by postal service: notarized copy of my national ID, screenshots of my cryptocurrency account and a copy of my bank statement to their address at P.O Box 856, Lviv, Ukraine, 79008. Note that the war in Ukraine had just started making it very difficult and expensive to send documents by post. I however sent the documents and notified them.

    19/09/22: 1xbet says the are looking at the documents

    30/10/22: They ask me to complete a questionnaire with questions on if I modified documents that were sent to them (I didn’t) and also which device I used to get screenshots of what I sent.

    06/12/22: They ask me to take a picture holding a code they shared with me and upload.

    11/12/22: I’m asked to do a skype video call with them. It’s done and I received a mail saying I passed the skype verification.

    16/12/22: I’m asked to fill a very long questionnaire with questions like what’s my favorite sport, my gender, nationality, if someone influenced my betting strategy, etc.

    19/12/22: I’m asked to download a questionnaire with the same questions asked above, fill it out by hand and send to their address P.O Box 856, Lviv, Ukraine 79008

    24/12/22: I’m asked to do another skype video call with them. It’s done and I receive another mail saying I passed the skype verification.

    27/12/22: I’m asked to upload a copy of my birth certificate, driver’s license or utility bill. I uploaded my birth certificate.

    02/01/23: I’m asked to send a notarized copy of my birth certificate to their address P.O Box 856, Lviv, Ukraine 79008. This is the third time I’m being asked to send documents by postal service to Ukraine. Which is very expensive.

    05/01/22: I’m asked to send a copy of a mental capacity certificate. I go to a specialist center on this, get the tests and submit the certificate to them.

    08/12/22: I’m asked to send a notarized copy of the mental capacity certificate to their address in Ukraine. Fourth time I’m asked to send documents by land mail. I however sent the documents.

    19/01/23: I’m asked to upload another certificate stating I have no gambling addiction. A repeat of the previous step as the mental capacity certificate indicated that I have no gambling addiction.

    22/01/23: I’m asked to send this certificate to their Ukraine address (again!). This was later reversed and I got new instructions.

    26/01/23: I’m asked to upload a photo of the license of the Doctor who issued the medical certificates. Which was done.

    03/02/23: I’m asked to upload a photo of an apostiled document confirming my identity. Which was done.

    06/02/23: I’m asked to send the apostille document confirming my identity to a new address in Mexico. Which has been done and i’ve notified 1xbet the document has arrived.

    I don’t know when this endless verification process will end and I think they are trying to defraud me of my funds. I would like them to unblock my account and give me access to my funds.

    • Hello, Emile!

      Thank you for all the provided information. We’ll check the situation with the Security Department and get back to you as soon as possible.

      All the best,
      The 1xBet Team

    • Dear Emile,

      We’ve checked that at the moment you need to follow the instructions provided to you on the website and via mail. When the Security Department will get your documents, you’ll be notified.

      Best regards,
      The 1xBet Team

  5. 1X Bet is scam when you lose they don’t care when you keep winning and try to withdraw they ask 100 documents and after sent them all they asked they will ask you to take picture like photographer from 100 different angles to take document picture. They just really dont want to pay any pennies they will exhaust you they will try to take time and within this time they want u to lose your money in 1xbet or if you wait they will make you wait years and keep asking dumb questions by mail
    I scammed my 3000$ from last year

    My ID 542776517

    Just don’t use this scam site save your money or invest in other things

    • Dear Munkhtulga,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! We will check your verification status with the Security Department and get back to you as soon as possible.

      All the best,
      The 1xBet Team

    • Dear Munkhtulga,

      We’ve checked with the Security Department that you need to provide a selfie with your ID in your hands, with your chat with the Security Department in the background. The photo needs to be well lit and all the letters need to be easy to read. If you’re in need of any assistance, please let us know

      Best regards,
      The 1xBet Team


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