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  1. Total redesign and new concept

  2. Be VERY AWARE OF ANY DEALINGS WITH Prince Lotto…I was conned into joining them after Gabby phoned me with all sorts of offers to lure me in. I informed them that I was happy with PlayHugeLottos and they always offer to matched any deposit made in my birthday month. They agreed to do the same and I deposited Eu200-00. They supposedly sold me tickets for EU256.00 and the other EU144-00 has just vanished, after Amanda tricked me into buying tickets which I assumed would come out of my balance, but they used my Credit Card details used for the initial deposit and frequently removed EU119-00 therefrom. I am a pensioner and I was stranded without any means to meet my daily requirements. BE VERY AWARE OF THEIR TACTICS.

  3. I enjoyed their simple site.

    • How did you manage to join their site…I was sold tickets by a lady called Gaby at Prince Lotto for over EU250-00 weeks ago and haven`t heard a word since. I have no idea how to access the site to see if I even have an account.


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Princelotto Exposed — What Looks So Familiar?

Princelotto Review

Blink and another online lottery provider using the platform of Lottoyard will be up and running on the internet. They all look alike, though some offer a VIP area and some do not. is yet another one. The only thing that seems to be different is their name. Come take a look with me.

Games at

It’s all very familiar. The usual games available at Prince lotto are US Powerball & Mega Millions, EuroMillions & EuroJackpot, Canadian Lotto 649, La Primitiva, SuperEnalotto, El Gordo, BonoLoto, UK Lotto and New York Lotto. Funny, just lately the New York Lotto has been showing up with more and more online lottery providers. I wonder what has changed?

Subscriptions – Play It Again Sam

Players can opt for a subscription at (continuous play) for one week, two weeks, three or six months. To opt-out, send an email five business days before the next subscription cycle. This is one good way to make sure you don’t miss out on your lottery tickets.

Princelotto & Their Groups

Syndicates are available though I wish Lottoyard would take the time to rewrite this. Prince lotto offers 50 lines in the “group” and players can get up to 150 shares. It does not say that there is a limit on how many shares are actually in the group and encourage players to get more shares to have a “bigger portion” of the winnings. They also don’t say how the lines are selected.

Prince Lotto VIP Club claims they have an “Exclusive Loyalty Plan”. Simply sign up and reach 400 points and you are a VIP. This is yet another site that does the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum VIP ranks that offer increasing levels of bonus money back and discounts on purchases. Become a Platinum VIP and you get 10% bonus cash back (gotta play it on more lotteries) and a 12% discount on all purchases. Yes, it does mean you know exactly what you’ve spent on lotteries. It does appear that this is over the discounts offered with subscriptions.

Winnings at

Ah, something different. Most of the other Lottoyard platform sites cap the limit on prizes they will collect for players at USD 600. These folks simply say that there might be times when you have to collect your winnings yourself. They don’t even say they will help. There is a minimum of €5 to withdraw winnings from your account. There is no commission on winnings.

And then Their Bonuses

Weird – buried in their terms and conditions of is information on the ‘Welcome Bonus’ and ‘Tell a Friend Bonus’ but there is nothing advertised on the face of their site or in any menu. Both can only be used to play more lotteries and cannot be withdrawn as cash.

Prince Lotto Customer Service

No live chat here folks though there is a little popup support where you can leave a message. This might mean they offer live chat though it never happened. There is a snail mail address, phone and fax (really?) number and email address. No online form. The company is owned by Jonan Limited with a UK address.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

The site is clean and easy to move around then again, we have looked at so many that look exactly the same, maybe that’s what makes it feel friendly. I don’t personally like the whole VIP concept and prefer this in better discounts overall. I do think it’s a little strange that they offer a bonus program in their terms and conditions but don’t advertise it on their site. Then again, maybe once you are registered, it pops up. The team chose not to.


Straight Play, Syndicates & Subscriptions

Clean & Easy Site

No Commission on Winnings



No Live Chat

VIP Concept? gets a thumbs down, but that’s just the face of the Lottoyard look. It’s just so replicated right now and I like something a little different where I play.

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