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  1. I should have been paid on 2 numbers and one bonus
    Also paid on two numbers as euro do you only paid one about 8 pounds it should be. William 10125 if you do this to everyone well

  2. Bigfatlottos (aka playlottery) claimed to buy the EuroMillions tickets but they don’t. They are a EuroMillions betting service and you are basically selecting the numbers to bet on the outcome of the EuroMillions result. I thought I was joining a EuroMillions syndicate – I’ve tried speaking to their support team but these guys always dodged my Qs and have been very vague. Disgraceful scam!

  3. find the lotto big fat ok whats your problem

  4. Lol… it is subscription service, that is why it takes money weekly for each time draws happen, so maybe read terms and conditions before joining the websites like that next time…

  5. My question is quite simple B.F.L. is one big scam. In the last month £42.00 as gone missing from my bank account in the last month, after phoning them they are still doing it, as they have over the last 9mths, when is something going to be done about it. I am on the verge of starting court proceedings. Any answers. Andrew Loughlin

  6. how can i cancel this, this is going out of my bank evey week and i want to stop it.

  7. I have now decided to inform the scottish police about the fraud carried out by Big Fat Lottos. They stole £662 from my barclays account. I would advise other victims of this criminally corrupt company to do the same if they steal from you.

  8. I Joined the BFL syndicate 3 weeks ago and agreed for £15.00 to be taken on a weekly basis and under the terms and conditions they stated
    “9.4 The Fee or frequency of payments of the Fee is liable to change at any time, but written notice of such changes will be provided to you no later than 14 days prior to such change. ”
    However without prior warning as stated in there T&C’s the took £36.00 from my account.
    I have now contacted them to terminate my account and shall inform you of the result and response to this unauthorised action and the fact they have already breached the agreement. Watch this space…

    As i will make it very public in the press so the public will be kept informed on the legality of this under the gaming laws.

  9. Memer No 77950
    I want no more playing. cancel BIG FAT lottery playing please don’t use my account more 05.07.2014 Thanks

  10. Just ben ripped off to the tune of £700 between dec 2013 and may 2014 by Big Fat Lottos. Im devastated as im on Disablilty Benefits and have little money. They deny I cancelled my account. Stay away from these criminals:(

  11. not an honest set up/scam
    they took money from my account above and over wt was agreed. refused to respond or refund.
    checking the ppl behind it, they have a series off scams to their name

  12. big fat lotto are thieving little sh*** as it is said above that they take money from your account free nilly willy without informing you and i did not sign up to any lotto syndicate i also had to get the bank to stop the money being taken thieves hate websites like this

  13. I thought I was buying a one off lotto. Now I’m subscribed to have £6 removed from my bank every week. I saw Nothing of a subscription when I gave my bank details. Scam!

  14. Big fat lottos is the online lottery game which has gained immense popularity in recent past. Many have accepted it and have earned profit while many are still skeptical. However, there are reviews for big fat lottos on different websites available so that you can go through them and find out on your own what the real picture is. The big fat lottos review at says that it is a great place where people from different countries can play the prominent international lotteries.

    According to the website of big fat lottos is straightforward and indicates every participant clearly over there. In fact you do not need to buy individual tickets; instead you can choose the syndicate you would like to have. The website is transparent and clearly identifies the number of people involved in each syndicate. So, you can buy the syndicate when you presume that you have better chances of winning. You are free to select the game and syndicate only when your calculations show more profit. clearly indicates the players through the big fat lottos review that the bigger the number of players lower is the profit percentage because each syndicate has different amount of people. The currency used for transactions is the British pounds and the website informs you about everything related through email and so you will not miss a lottery even if you are not online. The customer support is friendly and accessible always and the site is simple, easily navigated and clearly laid out.

  15. what rip off £13 one week £15 the next and next one due next week but have blocked it through my bank total winnings to date 84p

  16. Have you ever heard of ‘e-Lottery’? It was on the go a few years ago and was a syndicate type operation (Anything to do with VWD?). Is it still going? I was a member but got fed up with its poor performance.

  17. Wtf is with this CAPTCHA Code?


    Big Fat Lotteries is a Scam website that uses your money in various ways. One of them is withdrawing £5/7.50 from your credit card. You should always check your bank account after registering on that Fat website, but I do not recommend using it at all. There are many more websites available for you that are trusted.. but this? Never, do not use.

  18. I feel so stupid for joining the bigfatlotto syndicate. I tried to cancel and had no response my bank had to intervene to stop more payments being withdrawn as money is taken every 2 days by point of sale. This is not what I thought I was agreeing to and proved quite a costly mistake.

    • This has just happened to me, almost Identical with £15.00 per week being taken from my account. What a shock when I checked my statement. I have informed my bank who are looking into it at the moment. These tricksters should be taken to task. I simply cannot afford this. These people are evil praying on innocent people.

      • I have also just found out that £15 per week has been taken off my credit card plus had to pay £3 fee from the bank too. Just contacted Santander and they have now stopped my credit card and will issue a new one and going to look into fraudulent payments by raising a dispute.

    • We appreciate your feedback, Hailey. Such nasty tricks ruin trust to online lotteries. We are sorry you had such a bad experience.

  19. Hey Folks,

    We’ve had some interesting feedback on and – We love to hear more from all of you who have played through this concierge service. Check out our article at versus this one. It was only a month ago, but our team dug deeper to take another look. Come on folks – talk to us! Thanks, Nick

    • I joined bflpay lotto but I don’t know how many are in my I will be going to my bank to get it closed down hopefully.

  20. Some concerned members of The Players Lottery have been contacted recently by a high flyer in the now defunct VWD E-lottery who said that the same people are operating the new system.

    For those that don’t already know, the Virtual World Direct E-lottery was closed down by the DTI some time ago after being closed down by Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald voluntarily in court to save them having to go through an unaffordable and unwinnable legal case in favour of leaving with little more than the web software used to operate an online lottery system (the one The Players Lottery now uses) and of course their mailing lists. For those who should know but don’t, Big Fat Lottos are yet ANOTHER fraudulent lottery company run by the same people.

    During these heated conversations which were made privy to me recently, it also occured to one ex VWD affilate as to how their system was run and the reason why it was shut down. The DTI’s action confirms this if you choose to read into it further elsewhere.

    It is clear that VWD were taking large affiliate contributions on a monthly basis and that these sums of money were then used to buy “tickets”. A self-created pool of tickets, using a simple payout system based not on lottery numbers, rather paying people for the amount of affiliates that they had in their network.

    On the surface of it, this appears to be one and the same thing. Affiliates were being paid in either case, whether it was by a genuine lottery system (which the DTI thought it wasn’t), or whether affiliates were being paid a salary based on the amount of members in their respective groups. The more members, the bigger your salary.

    So what is the difference?

    A big one!

    Paying affiliates a salary (from thousands of pounds, to a few pence per month) using a simple software-driven system that in it’s most basic terms, works like this (all numbers are made up purely to explain the point).

    Monthly gross affiliate income £100000
    Total number of affiliates: 2131
    Number of tier 1 affiliates x, gross payout £20,000
    Number of tier 2 affiliates x, gross payout £10,000
    Number of tier 3 affiliates x, gross payout £2,000
    and so on.
    Total cash left: £38,452. > Deposit in VWD’s bank account for doing nothing more than taking your money in the first place.

    Now, a percentage of the total gross affiliate income is retained for the owners services rendered (taking your money and telling you via a database driven website that you are playing a game .. really you are!), and was then deposited in their Panama based bank account. It really doesn’t sound iffy does it!?

    The point?

    Simple! VWD never was a legitimate business and it was closed down. If the owners had thought it was legit, they would have wiped the floor with the DTI and would still be operating today, but they could not prove it, much less WANT to prove it and VWD was closed. One of the owners of VWD is no longer contactable anywhere by anyone. The other owner who still is contactable used to sell VHS tapes from market stalls, and this can be verified from his LinkedIn profile. That says something i think.

    So. There was no legitimate business behind the VWD E-Lottery, that much is for certain, there is no e-lottery game being played as such, rather a flashy front for what is no more than a simple networked payout scheme which clearly misled all affiliates in the scheme and moreover, operated in a fashion that was not legal.

    The lottery product did not exist. Think about that.

    Now, The Players Lottery.

    Their system is exactly the same except for two notable differences.

    One is that you are no longer affilate in TPL, you simply join. And this is supposed to add credibility simply because VWD’s system was affiliate based.

    Secondly, they have obtained an easy to get gambling license from The Isle of Man.

    The bit that remains the same by and large is the VWD E-lottery methodology of taking your money, banking a percentage of it, and paying out the rest as a “salary” which is dependent on the amount of players you have in your group. The more you have the more you earn. The game they propose you are playing is just as non-existent and convoluted to interpret as their payout structure, as was the case with VWD’s which was proved to be mathematically flawed just before they were closed down.

    Some ex-Elottery affiliates were foolish and/or greedy enough to get behind the new scheme, so, taking your hard earned money as well as your respect for the law into account it seems only logical to give The Players Lottery a very wide berth and invest your time elsewhere.

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BigFatLottos Exposed – Let’s Look at It Again

BigFatLottos Review looks like a good place to play syndicates for most of the major international lotteries. The site is straight forward with the number of participants for each syndicate clearly identified. is not a place to buy individual lottery tickets. Let’s look at syndicates.

Play Lottery Syndicates Online

A syndicate is a group of people that pools their resources to maximize their chances. clearly identifies how many people are involved in each syndicate. It means you have many more chances to win I a lottery at the same time you do share any winnings with your group.

How Does BigFatLottos Work?

You first select a game and then choose from the available syndicates displayed. There are options to join a syndicate for a specific lottery, like US Powerball or El Gordo, or Jackpot Powerplay, which includes EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, UK Lotto and the UK Millionaire Raffle.

Your Syndicate at

You don’t actually choose the ticket lines at Instead, the lottery ticket lines are already put together. You just choose which syndicate you want to participate in. The player advantage is in the number of tickets each syndicate purchases offering more chances to win.

Money and

Each syndicate has a different amount of people so your share can range from 1/50th to 1/210th. You also have the option to buy more shares. British Pounds is the currency used by for all transactions, for paying for your entry and receiving your winnings.  The least expensive syndicate entry is the UK Lotto with a minimum buy-in of £5 per draw.

What Does BigFatLottos Offer?

This company offers syndicates in UK Lotto, Irish Lotto, EuroMillions, Italy’s SuperEnalotto and Spain’s Superdraw, including El Gordo and the popular US Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. You simply choose the game you want and the number of syndicate shares. These games are offered as a subscription which means you won’t miss a lottery, especially one of those big mega jackpots… Customer Support offers customer telephone support during normal business hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. GMT and also via snail mail. It also offers live chat though I wonder what they will replace the Christmas hat with after the season. It also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ which might offer a chance to talk to other people participating in their syndicates. Prize information, draw numbers, and odds are displayed, although a more detailed FAQ section.

The BigFatLotto’s Site

It’s fun, simple to navigate, and clearly laid out. Special offers are clearly signposted and the purchase process is reasonably simple. – Honesty and Reliability

The site is licensed and regulated in the Isle of Man, one of the best-regarded jurisdictions for betting and gaming, and it also clearly displays membership of the UK Lotteries Council and the IBAS adjudication service. The Comodo encryption and monitoring service used is also one of the industry’s best, so you should have no concerns over the security of your personal info. We have no reason to believe that you will not receive 100% of any syndicate winnings.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line on

The site is fairly user-friendly and syndicates do increase your odds of winning although you receive only a percentage of that jackpot based on the number of your shares in the syndicate.


User-Friendly and simple to use

Syndicates mean more winning chances

Big Jackpots

Secure payment and customer support


Syndicates mean sharing your winnings

No ability to play individual tickets

Customer Support only during business hours

Overall, we give a qualified thumbs up. Most players also like to the option to play individual lotteries especially when those big mega jackpots start to build.

This Lottery Agent Is Closed