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Official Lottery Tickets or Parallel Lotteries

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    Official Lottery Tickets or Parallel Lotteries

    I am new here and in this stuff of Online Loteries.

    I think like everyone else the biggest fear of those who play lotteries online is to win and not to receive.
    Mainly if win a grand prize: to win a jackpot and do not receive it.

    I started to research the lotteries offered on online lottery sites ( I live in Brazil I did not know most lotteries in other countries ) and I was thinking that the modus operandi of the Online Lottery Sites worked like this:

    - On the user's side:
    The user logs into the site chooses a lottery, chooses the numbers and pays for the tickets.

    - From the side of there in the Office of the Online Lottery Site:
    After the User pays for the ticket on the site, in the office of the Online Lottery Site they would send someone (an honest employee) to Official Lottery Shop purchase official tickets with the numbers chosen by the user, and keep in secure safe the Official tickets bought on behalf of the user.

    But it seems that some online lottery sites do not work that way.

    These online lottery sites like every any business need to profit.
    And in a business with these characteristics they only have two chances to make a profit:
    - Charging an extra amount for each lottery ticket played by their customers,
    - Or by charging a fee on the winnings, on any winnings of their customers.

    But most of the online lottery sites I've visited claim that they do not charge any money on the winnings.
    That means: online lottery sites only profit from the amount they charge the most on each ticket played and paid.

    But here begins part of the situations that make me a little suspicious:

    There are Online Lottery Sites that do not charge anything more about the value of the ticket.
    Let me give you an example:

    The MegaSena Lottery of Brazil is the one that pays the highest jackpots in Brazil when it accumulates some times, and also in the special draw of Reveillon. MegaSena has already paid awards of 83 MILLIONS DOLLARS.

    A ticket with 6 numbers of megasena costs 3.5 BRL.
    But there are online lottery sites charging the same 3.5 BLR for the MegaSena ticket.
    That means: there is not any profit in this operation.

    An online lottery company to make games in any country needs to maintain a minimal structure in that country with an office and people to work there. Someone needs to leave the office and go to the Official Lottery store in that country to play that local lottery with the numbers chosen by the customer.

    This has a cost.
    How can an online lottery site win nothing on the ticket price?
    If MegaSena do Brasil costs 3.5 BRL in Brazil, and if the Online Lottery Website charges the same 3.5 BRL this leads me to suspect that the site will probably not play and buy any tickets in the Official Lottery of Brazil. This is probably a parallel and unofficial lottery of the site itself.

    There are also cases like the CASH4FORLIFE offered by LOTTOLAND, which is not the official of some US states. It is parallel and unofficial of LOTTOLAND, only.

    And also there a lottery called SUPERENA MAX.
    The SUPERENA lottery is an Italian Official Lottery legally operated by SISAL.COM in Italy under italian government licence.
    But SUPERENA MAX does not exist, at least on SISAL.COM as an official lottery.

    SUPERENA MAX is a non-official and parallel lottery.
    And it is being offered on various oline betting sites.

    SUPERENA MAX is offering a Jackpot of EUR 252,000,000.00.

    It is scary.
    If you play at SUPERENA MAX and win JACKPOT, who will guarantee the payment of this prize?
    Who will pay this jackpot of SUPERENA MAX ?

    In the official lotteries there is a ballast for payment of the prizes.
    The ballast are the millions of tickets that were wagered on that official lottery.
    And you know that the government of that countries will guarantee the prize, ultimately.

    But who guarantees the payment of a parallel and unofficial lottery?

    There are online lottery sites that send you digitized copies of official tickets such as THELOTTER.COM, LOTTOSONLINE.COM, WINTRILLIONS.COM, ICELOTTO.COM.

    That's nice. Gives greater security to the user.

    But even this way, who guarantees that your ticket is 100% safe, and that no one will get your ticket and run away with your money?

    I would like that members of Support Teams of Online Lottery Sites come here and talk about :
    - Their Official Lottery Tickets or Parallel Lotteries
    - Payment guarantees

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    Superena Max is a game created by PlayHugeLottos. It's not a lottery itself, it's betting on SuperEnalotto results how I understand this. Cash4Life is a real lottery, offered by some states in America.

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      Most of the parallel lotteries that are actually betting on the results of an international lottery use insurance. The most popular one I think is in Germany. The big thing is to check how they protect having to pay out a jackpot. If you're going to play one of these or a standalone lottery created by a company versus an official international lottery make sure you ask the question!