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Quick Pick or not Quick Pick?

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  • Quick Pick or not Quick Pick?

    Hi there,

    What do you think of the Quick Pick option of picking numbers for you?

    Do you use it or pick your own numbers?

    If you use it, could it boost your odds actually?

    Thanks for replies!

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    I use my favorite numbers but when I win a free ticket, I re-do that one. The only time I do a quick pick is when a lottery has gone mega and I decide to do extra tickets. I don't know if it boosts my odds - I don't think it actually does. The odds are the same on any combination on most lotteries.


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      I practice Quick Pick sometimes when I'm not sure about my numbers. Some lottery websites show you the odds after picking the numbers for you. You can pick them again and again until you see a nice figure.

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        Better to research what lottery numbers drawn the most and pick them. In the ideal, need to do such research for each lottery.

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          Better stick to your own numbers. Just make sure they are not limited to 31 according to your loved once birthdays.

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            Ya but FiftyLucky,

            Do you ever get that feeling where you stop and buy a ticket out of the blue, at a store that you'd never buy one from. That simple feeling of luck and timing. I did it once and it was my biggest win. Not mega money but kept me in lottery tickets (and a few other things) for a bit.


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              Seems all we need is to concentrate and hear our inner voice. I bet our subconscious knows the right numbers!

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                Im look for a winning number

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                  How do you pick your lottery tickets Quahim Mcknight?