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Why do people trust Richard Lustig?

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    Why do people trust Richard Lustig?

    I'm looking for some real information about Richard Lustig and I'm curious what makes people believe him? Let's add the suspicious facts about Lustig here and see how many we'll find.

    For a start, check this out https://www.moneytalksnews.com/can-y...-lottery-odds/

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    Richard Lustig is a good entrepreneur besides a lottery winner.

    You always have a choice to buy or not to buy his products.

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      Maybe because he won 7 times powerball lottery, and have great experience in lottery?

      • Lee Beaver
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        Do you have the dates that he won? We're talking the jackpot right?


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      Lee, Lotto Exposed wrote about him http://www.lottoexposed.com/richard-lustig-exposed/. Also, I read Lottery Dominator comments and they make me feel more suspicious http://www.lottoexposed.com/lottery-dominator-exposed/.

      • Nick Silver
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        Btw, we will do a Richard Lustig video soon. Stay tuned!

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      After a little research, I found this on FloridaLottery's website of winners in 2002 at http://www.floridalottery.com/exptkt...0_to_Nov09.pdf

      January 22, 2002, $842,152.91 (1)
      1. Richard Lustig of Orlando
      Retailer – Publix #427 at
      3972 Town Center Boulevard, Orlando

      And the Orlanda Newspaper's website lists his other wins (dating all the way back to 1993) on an old article I found. I'll just give you the link for you to see for yourself instead of all this copying and pasting. And the source of their information is showing to be "sentinel research". So looks like they researched it themselves at the time they created the article.

      And I'm part of WB&B's mailing list and learned about them selling digital fortune cookies with lottery numbers using Richard's formula found in his book if you don't want to go through the process yourself or buy his book to learn how; it's cheaper with the fortune cookie. I figured that once I win big (I've won small amounts here and there) then I'll likely create a book with the Memoire software on there. Why not huh? Everyone has a story to tell right?

      I'd have to agree with Daewon's post in in that some people trust Richard Lustig because he has actually won. But I don't believe that his method will work for everyone. I made another post talking how there is no one product (or service) that has ever existed that works for every single being on the planet, Some products and services by companies and individuals will work for some and not for others. Just the way of life. I made a comparison to fat-free milk. I like it and most people I know don't. Whole milk makes me fat really quick whereas it doesn't for others I know. What works for you may not and likely won't for the next number of people. From what I hear, Richard's book was confusing so that's obviously going to cause some problems for people to follow and replicate, whereas some people might figure out how to get it working for them. Someone made a video that exposed some of the things in his book. Now to find the link..... here it is https://youtu.be/yuJ2WRvFkBY