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  • Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone!

    I have been an avid enthusiast of the online lottery scene for a few years now and even have my own website all about online lottery games and agent reviews. I am also an affiliate marketer for online lotteries. I wll not be posting the link to my site anytime soon as to not piss of the moderators, but I can tell you that I pretty much know the in and outs of the whole online lottery scene, all of the websites, the scams, the good ones that are trustworthy and much much more. would really like to be an active part here on your forums!

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    Thanks for joining us! We have one more lottery expert now.

    Feel free to share your knowledge in your own words, you can put the link if it's really important.

    Hope you understand.


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      I'm certainly not a lottery expert but I know a LOT about online lottery websites

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        Wow, I'm reading your latest comments, seems you're truly expert! Now I know whom to ask the questions next time.

        • Lee Beaver
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          Hey Natalia,

          So what do you play? Single line tickets or subscriptions? Any special wins?


        • henrymiller
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          Are you slavic?