Lotto Exposed Forums is a great place to bring your ideas, thoughts and questions in an open discussion. We want to hear from you at the same time it is important to underline a few of the guidelines on how we operate.


The Lotto Exposed Forum is provided for people to share their ideas and thoughts on an ‘as is’ basis. It is a discussion forum that provides a platform for open dialogue. It is a collection of personal opinions which may or may not be accurate. Where possible, within discussions, Lotto Exposed will clarify and verify information but it is still the opinions of the individuals that post. Lotto Exposed will not be held accountable for these opinions. LE retains the right to move, close or delete any posting. Lotto Exposed also retains the right to delete any comment that it considers profane, abusive or malicious.

Risk Warning

Playing lotteries in general is a gamble on odds. Playing lotteries online can hold additional risks given the anonymity of internet websites. Lotto Exposed does best efforts to provide comments and opinions that will assist people in making choices on where and what to play, but will not be held accountable for individual decisions on playing lotteries online. We recognize you - the individual - as an adult that can make your own decisions. If you are not an adult, then enjoy the information but don’t play lotteries.

Links & Advertisements

Some of the information provided on Lotto Exposed links to other websites. We can’t ensure that the links provided on those pages are safe and free of viruses or do not link to other information that may prove false or abusive. It’s someone else’s page and though the initial content may have been considered appropriate, links provided there might take people where they do not want to go! Use your own individual intelligence to decide before clicking and/or ensure you have a good firewall to protect your computer.

What Laws Apply

This is one of the biggest challenges to online discussions and posting. The internet has no boundaries crossing continents globally. Obviously (if you watch the news), some countries set parameters, rules and regulations on what and how the internet can be used. Individuals are responsible for understanding and abiding by the rules and regulations of their specific location. What about the ISPs and their locations? The United States has probably the best protection for providers and users. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (aka Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 – United States) provides legal protection for providers and users who publish information provided by others. The idea is to encourage dialogue and not restrict it and recognition of the dynamic nature of the internet. It protects ISPs for editorial comments and opinions.

The Bottom Line

Lotto Exposed Forums are to encourage comments and opinions, questions and ideas. Let’s talk!