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If you win the lottery, you should read this to know what’s your next step? What is the news of the world of lottery?
How To Win The Lottery Big Times? Lottery! Such A fun Game!

Seven-Year Old Girl Found a Winning Lottery Ticket. Read What Happened Next!

7-Year-Old Donates Her Winning Lottery Ticket

Every single day, something notable happens in the lottery community. In most cases, these situations happen in conventional lottery, you know, the one that’s “not online”. Most of these stories…

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Who Is Richard Lustig? The Fog Dissipates…

Who Is Richard Lustig?

One of the most famous lottery players of all time, most likely the most famous one is Richard Lustig. His name echoes in the presence of passionate lottery players who…

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“Somebody Has to Win” – Words of an Accelerated Statistics Professor

Somebody Has to Win!

Occasionally, I like to stress how important statistics are, especially having a good understanding of probability and combinations. It’s at the very core of lottery. Those who have a good…

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Are Single Moms Luckier in Lottery Than Married?

Are Single Moms Luckier in Lottery Than Married?

Young and elderly, single and married, with one child or several children, they all play it. Moms have always been the heroes of any household. Today, we live in a…

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5 Best Lottery Sites for 2017 — Look Who’s Definitely Totally Nailed It!

Lotto winners 2017

It was a big lottery year for us,  we reviewed over 100 new lottery sites and the industry is growing. 2016 had the biggest jackpot in the history and more…

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