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Bitmillions Exposed — A Scam or Legit Lottery System?

Nick Silver
Wed, 29-May-2013 09:30
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post thumbnail is a Bit Too Much For Me

I caught the news the other day and heard the latest on the whole Bitcoin exchange situation. It’s a currency that seems to be very secure that is not linked to any official monitor, country or value. But, it has value and is being used in a bunch of countries. Now, don’t get confused. I think it’s important to underline with’s own words. “Bitcoin is a P2P Open Source Virtual Currency”. I’m really not sure if there is actually a way to turn your wins at into actual cash or used to trade. So, I went digging.

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Who are Bitmillions? is a company based out of Costa Rica owned by ShaTwo Corporation. It claims it is the first 100% online lottery system that uses the new digital currency Bitcoin. Now if you are wondering what the heck that means, this new coin is actually recognized and utilized but this website is so confusing I’m not sure how to get in and actually win.

They toss out comments like “with this bit of luck you will win the jackpot pretty soon”. There are no such things as terms and conditions, odds and the info on the web site is so all over the place, I’m still not sure what I was actually looking at or actually play.

The Game at doesn’t offer its visitors such world famous lotteries as Australian Oz Lotto, Italian SuperEnaLotto or Brazilian Mega-Sena. Don’t even try to find them there. says it is a fully automated and cheat proof lottery system. I had a real problem with the comment on cheat proof given that even I can’t figure out how they actually compute the combinations for the draw but then I have said over and over I am not a mathematician. They use algorithms to compute the actual winning numbers but I tried several times and couldn’t get into somewhere where I could actually pay something to get a ticket.

What made things even more confusing is that they say that each block corresponds to one draw and winnings are automatically paid in full on the 6th confirmation. Am I struggling with English or does that actually make sense to anyone?

Playing at

They say that play is simple but I don’t think I’ve looked at anything this confusing for a long time. All a player has to do is send any amount in multiples of 0.01 BTC (that’s Bitcoins) to the address listed on the site. says that 0.01 BTC equals one ticket at the same time, there is nothing that equates this to real cash or how to actually get it, much less what happens if a player wins.

Bitmillions and Social Media

These folks are linked into all of it – Google, Twitter, Facebook and Bitcointalk. In some cases, this would build confidence but in this case it just made an already confusing situation worse.

Complaints at

I’m not even going to try to find any complaints at as there is so much chatter on Bitcoins in general, it feels impossible to get to the bottom line.

Our Bottom Line at Bitmillions

I’m not going to bother with a pros and cons on this one. All of our team rolled their eyes at this site. It’s virtual and frankly we like playing lotteries for real cash. Bitcoins is definitely taking off and gaining ground. Since 2008, it is a usable currency. There are some really remarkable aspects of how it operates but associating it with lotteries is simply weird.

I’d give a wide berth. The site itself is messy with too many questions unanswered and no explanation on how to play much less how to register or any terms and conditions.

This one gets a big thumbs down and that’s the bottom line!

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